Who we are and what we do

We are a group of experienced startup practitioners.

We invest in sectors where we think we can be helpful.

  • Enterprise SaaS
  • Consumer SaaS
  • Cybersecurity
  • Computer vision
  • FinTech
  • EdTech

We invest in people we have built trust with.

Angel track record

Sina (IPO), Yam (acquired), DivX (IPO), KuoBrothers (IPO), Gogolook (acquired), Loopd (acquired), TixCraft (acquired), Dapp Pocket (acquired), Kdan Mobile, Cacafly, Pal+, e27, WritePath, Viscovery, Maicoin, The News Lens, Hahow, Phase Software, BZNK, BSOS, Influenxio, Cubo AI, GoSky AI, FruitPay, MandarinX, JackerCleaning, …

Fund portfolios

Our Strategy

Good People Ventures (GPV) is a VC fund backed by a decentralized venture scout network1, which is formed as a limited partnership where partners are scouts as well as fund investors.

GPV plans to build a close-knitted community of like-minded startup practitioners to co-invest in seed/pre-seed startups. Building trust and investing in scouts’ network is the core of GPV’s strategy to achieve the goal of reciprocity through good people investing in good people. On the flip side, GPV is building a venture brand that entrepreneurs can always find the seed-stage investor they want to work with from the pool of GPV partners.

People first.

1 Scout network is a group of well-networked startup influencers to whom a VC fund delegates startup sourcing and investment decision-making.

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